Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I Thrifted

Yesterday I went to Goodwill.  Here are a couple of the things I bought.  The first thing I was excited to find as it was something that was on my list that I wanted.  A leopard print purse.  This one was $5.99, Guess brand, and looks brand new.  It is of a material that can be wiped off to clean (not furry).  I love the strap too.
I was happy to find this purse also and I'm sure I'll carry it often.  It is a chocolate brown color, Liz Claiborne brand, and was on sale for only $1.29.  It looks brand new inside and out as well.  I'm not a big fan of purses that open at the top with a zipper, but I do own a few.  It just feels more easily accessible to me when they have a flap over magnet closure like this one...or a snap or magnet on the inside at top.
The shoes below caught my eye because I have some almost identical in flats.  I thought these were so cute in the black patent leather with bow detail and slingback.  They seemed  comfortable as well.  These are a Franco Sarto brand and were $6.99.  I bought another pair of Franco Sarto sable brown slip on heels for $1.29, but the photo turned out too dark to show here.
Below is what I wore today to run some errands.

 Thrifted Items:  Green pants, sweater, scarf, sandals, bracelets, purse.


  1. so pretty your purses and probably go well together with your animal print scarf. but absolutely amazing are these shoes! so cute with the little loop.

  2. Incredible finds yet again! The slingbacks are too cute!

  3. Yay, Lisa! Great finds.

    I can't believe how perfectly your scarf matches your pants. Sweet outfit.


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