Friday, August 17, 2012

Lime , Black, and Heat

Whew it was a hot one today.  I dressed as cool as I could for work even though we do have air conditioning.  I'm at home now (with no a/c) and it's a little schwwwwetty.  It looks like today was the last of the super high temps for the year though.  It cools off by about 10 degrees tomorrow and then down into the 70's after that.  

Thrifted Items:  White pants, lime green t-shirt, lime/black top $4 Cocomo, bracelet, wedge sandals w/ bows.


  1. Great key-hole top. I have one in a similar cut in black and white. It's been schwwwwetty here too. I try to look cool but I just look wilty. You do a good job of cool though. I like the side-glance photo.

  2. beautiful tunic, i like the green-white-black pattern! we now look forward to have the hottest weekend of the year, with up to 38 °c (i guess that is approx. 100 °f). i would be glad if you could do my hair like you and pin it up. you look so cool and fresh.

  3. A beautiful blouse. I love this outfit.

  4. Hi Lisa! Just getting some catching up done tonight after a nice long vacation in the damp woodsy area on Vancouver Island. We were without any internet or phone for 8 days and wouldn't you know it, as soon as we get home out comes the lap top! I can only go for so long. ;)
    I like your layering here. I think it adds more interest to the two tops. Layering is hard in the summer though. Especially here where it gets so darn muggy. I'm glad it's cooling down here again. 70's is ideal summer temps for me.

  5. I chuckled when you said schwettty! Love the top combo! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  6. Very cool and fresh looking for your schwetty day! The autocorrect kept trying to change the word. ;-)


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