Saturday, August 4, 2012

Like A Rolling Stone

I feel just a tiny bit like Keith Richards with the beaded rope , old coin-like things, and orange discs tied up in my hair.  It's really a belt, but I just wrapped it around my hair.  I should have done heavier eyeliner and piled on the jewelry if I really wanted to come closer to Keith's look, but I feel cool enough just feeling the littlest bit rock and roll in my own mind today....and I didn't think of Keith till after I took the this will do me just fine.  :)

The resemblance is uncanning, isn't it? haha
Like I said....only in my mind. lol

 Thrifted Items:  Orange pants, gray/white striped t-shirt $1.99 Broken English, white sweater vest, beaded rope belt $2.40, necklace.


  1. In our minds is what really counts! ;) I wasn't sure at first how the comparison to Keith Richards was made until I saw that classic photo. I had forgotten that look on him. I love how you let it inspire you with your hair today. Perfect for Seafair!!

  2. Very funny. My impression of you is the polar opposite of Keith Richards, so your comparison is amusing.


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