Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Can't Get Enough

I have fallen in love with stripes and button downs this year.  Worn loose, with collar popped it's as comfortable as you can get, but not too sloppy looking. 

Thrifted Items:  Capri pants, white tank top, striped button down $3 Oxford & Regence, navy bracelet $2.80, purse $8 Nine West.
Earrings = my mother gave them to me years ago

Let's dance into the weekend...80's style!
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough


  1. I was listening to Depeche Mode just an hour ago. What a coincidence!
    I agree with you on a button up. Especially in the summer because I don't really like to layer them under a jacket, feels too constricting. But in warmer months I like to throw them over a tank top because I hate my upper arms!

  2. Quintessential summer look! So gorgeous, so classic! I love a striped button down; yes for a popped collar. :D YAY for Depeche Mode!!!

  3. Very cute, in an understated way. You have perfected the art of looking good.

  4. Love the stripes and you know how to wear them, with a popped collar! Very casual and summery...

  5. I love this elegant, understated look on you. Very classic and chic.


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