Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tangerine? Coral? Melon?

To simplify things I'm just going to call this blazer tangerine in color, but I think it is really a cross between tangerine and melon.  I have difficulty distinguishing colors sometimes.
I did not feel as good in this outfit as I thought I would when I put together the blazer with the scarf.  You know how you just have your favorite outfits and the ones that just feel like you and make you happy when you wear them?  This does not do that for me.   But I think I have a couple "feel good" outfits planned for the upcoming days.  In the meantime, this was worn yesterday for a work day and our office Open House in the afternoon/evening.  It was a long day and these are one of my most comfy pairs of I like them, so that's a win/win.

Thrifted Items:  Black slacks $6.99 Ninety from Nordstrom (new w/ tags), black top, tangerine blazer $3 Norton McNaughton, scarf $1, black heels $6.99 Liz Claiborne, necklace, bracelets.


  1. I do like the color combination of the scarf and blazer, but I get what you mean about a "Feel good" kind of outfit. Sometimes it just feels better than others!

  2. I really like this on you. I especially like the way you pushed up the sleeves to give it a more casual vibe. The color is gorgeous on you.

  3. I like the color of the blazer, the outfit looks really nice! I like to roll up my sleeves on my blazers also !
    Great thrifted deals !



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