Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday's Thrift Shopping

These are just a few of the things I bought.  I got quite a lot and am happy with everything.  Haven't even had time to get it all put away yet.  I'm having to weed out unworn items to make room.  If it would ever warm up enough I could box up my sweaters and have more space, but I know I'll still need them.  I really have to watch closely as I'm being rung up, because too many times I have gotten home and realized they missed giving me my discount on something.  Well, I caught one Sunday before I left the store and had to have everything rung up again with a manager to save that couple of dollars.  But, hey, that's a whole other items worth of savings.  I want it. haha  I ended up getting lots of button downs (not shown here) which I'm into now for some reason... because I never owned any in the past.  And I seem to find lots of things in melony (maybe not a word) colors.  I got 9 pairs of shoes!  Like I really need those. haha  But when I can get 9 pair for the price of one regular pair I'm going for it if I find ones I like and I think will be comfortable.
Everything I bought was either 30% or 50% off the tag price.
From left to right, top to bottom:
1) Floral Print Skirt $5.60 Jones New York
2) Dark Carnation Sweater $2.80 Charter club
3) Black/White Floral Print Skirt $4.80
4) Lavendar Sandals $4.90 Nine West
5) Lavendar Snakeskin Bracelet $2.10
6) Black/White Pearl Bracelet $1.40
7) Tan Skirt $2.80 Merona
8) Tan/White Striped Top $1.40 White Stag
9) Brown Wedge Sandals $5.60 Ilana Italia


  1. I've had to have some of my thrift purchases re-rung, so don't feel badly about that. I've had a spectacular week thrifting too...although I'm already shopping stuff for next winter!

    1. haha Terri! You are ahead of the game! :)

  2. Great finds! Especially like the floral skirt and carnation sweater. I watch how things are rung up too...

  3. Great finds! You have lots of great separates to mix, and that melon color is extremely hot this season.

  4. Nice items ! I like the skirts and the shoes, but everything is nice. I always watch how my purchases are rung up also, its so annoying to get home and find out you were overcharged !


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