Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loafing on the Job

I love these wedge loafers, but they are another one of my many pairs of shoes that feel fine for the first hour, but are not good for all day wear.  I should make wearing comfortable shoes to work a priority, but I suppose I'm like many women and suffer the consequences for the sake of a cute shoe.  Really, I don't wear a shoe if I know it is going to be uncomfortable.  But I usually have to learn that lesson the hard way.
Warmer weather is on the horizon, however, and my more comfy sandals will be the shoe of most days.  Yay!

Thrifted Items:  Brown slacks Christy Girl, white short sleeved turtleneck sweater, blazer $7 Jones Wear, purse $2.50 Liz Claiborne Crazy Horse.
Watch $16.99 = Target
Matching earring and necklace = have had forever


  1. Wow, Lisa, your post is in psychic harmony with one I just put up - spooooky. I love your blazer!

  2. I love your hair this way. The outfit is lovely too.
    When I worked, if I wore a pair of shoes that were the least bit questionable as to comfort, I always carried along a pair I knew were comfy to change into if necessary. (It was often necessary.)

  3. your hair does look very pretty like the plaid blazer...when you get to be my age, comfortable shoes are a must...there are so many cute outfits on Pinterest but the younger gals favor the 4 inch heels...


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