Monday, April 9, 2012

Curled Collar and The Flying Nun

I thrifted this shirt for my husband, along with a couple of others.  This one ended up not fitting him and I liked the colors so I thought I'd keep it for myself.  I'm mixing patterns which is somewhat new for me, but I like it.
I'm linking up with Visible Monday #41 at Not Dead Yet Style.

If my collar had been on my head I think I could've taken off and flown.

 I love these wedges and they're surprisingly comfortable.  I'm going to be on the lookout for more in similar styles.
Thrifted Items:  Jeans $2 Sonoma Lifestyle, blue/green men's button down $3.59 John Players, striped sweater, green wedge sandals $5.60 Classified, bracelets, necklace, purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne.
Watch $16.99 = Target


  1. I think it's awesome you kept the shirt for yourself! And I love your green sandals!

  2. Love the stripe cardigan with the trousers! Your sandals are a lovely colour too!!

  3. Yes, that shirt is perfect for you, with your soft coloring! And you jumped into the pattern-mixing just right, IMHO. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday, you look great!

  4. Three thumbs up on your pattern mixing! Playful, interesting, perfectly combined. The textures of your accessories become part of that fun pattern jambalaya. Yummy. I laughed at your Flying Nun reference :> !

  5. that's a really cute outfit, looks like spring!

    1. It's finally "feeling" like spring here. Two days, no rain, and low 60's. Hooray!

  6. The shirt is great and I love ALL of your accessories! I enjoyed this post a lot!

  7. I love stealing things from my husband!

  8. hi friend...passing by to invite you im hosting a tuesday bloghop...hope you join...if you feel to...your welcome...loves soraya

  9. You look like the personification of spring in those colors.

  10. Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. I appreciate it.
    More springtime colors on the way for Tuesday.

  11. Lisa, you look so pretty in this outfit! I wouldn't have thought to combine these colors, but they are wonderful together. Love the shoes and your manicure.

  12. Great color combo.


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