Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Favorite New Thrift Finds

Here are a some of my favorite things I thrifted yesterday at Goodwill. 
From left to right by rows:
Row 1:
Pic 1) Nautical Anchor Earrings $2.39
Pic 2) Nautical Ship's Wheel Pin $2.99
Pic 3) Nautical red/white/blue top $2.39
Pic 4) Silky lightweight scarf $1.79
Row 2: 
Pic 1) Chaos Leather Handbag $2.99
Pic 2) Nine West pink/magenta/taupe skirt $2.39
Pic 3) Northwest Clothing Company red/black/white/taupe ribbed turtleneck $2.39
Pic 4) Liz Claiborne Handbag $5.99
Row 3:
Pic 1) Dockers dusty rose/white checkered top 99 cents
Pic 2) Liz Claiborne white handbag $7.79 (new w/ tags, but not price)
Pic 3) Vintage Cortini Creations black handbag $2.39
Pic 4) Austin Harris red/black/blue multicolored skirt $2.39

I think I'll be wearing that last skirt next week to work with a red top, black blazer, and the vintage black purse.


  1. Great finds! I am loving all those purses! :)

  2. Oh you lucky lady. The purses at the Goodwill near me are pitiful. I spyed a Coach wallet, but it turned out to be one of the not too nice fakes. Maybe I need to go to the rich side of town to check out the Goodwill there. Love the jewelry.

  3. You are one mighty thrifter! Good going on all your incredible buys. You look great in your posts!

  4. Damn girl we need to go thrifting together! I am loving the liz bag on line 2!
    have a good week and thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Lucky you to have Goodwill. I loved it when I was in the States.

  6. That's quite a haul! Why shop retail when you can get a huge bagful of good quality, unique items for less than one garment. Looking forward to future posts using these pieces.

  7. I like your style.



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