Monday, January 2, 2012

Today's Thrift Finds

Below are some of the things I thrifted today and how I plan on styling a couple of them.  Everything (except scarf clips, which were 99 cents for the two of them) was discounted 30% at Value Village.  The blazer was my only purchase at Goodwill and it was only $1.29!

The top w/ tie below is new as well as the shoes.  They both look black in the photo, but they are actually navy.  One of the ways I'll wear these is to pair with my white jeans.
Navy/White Top=$5.60, Navy Pumps=$4.90
 The coat is a pretty salmon color (it looks slightly darker in photo than it really is) and medium in weight.  I just thought it was cute. 
 The sleeveless ruffled top is new and one way I'll wear it is with my purple top underneath and jeans.  I really loved the colors in it.
Ruffled top=$4.90
 The red wedge shoes are new and I think I'll pair them with my Ralph Lauren sweater/navy pants and also with jeans and navy blazer.
Red wedge shoes w/buckles=$10.50

The blazer has taupe and soft pink colors, which you can't see very well by this photo.  I am so glad I found this!  It's really pretty and was only $1.29!!!
 Gold Pendant Ball Necklace=$3.50
 I really liked this pearl/crystal looking necklace and it was $2.80.
Okay, so these were really a pair of earrings, but I had been looking for a double scarf clip and this will work perfectly!  I actually got 2 of them for a total of 99 cents.  I just used pliers and broke off the earring posts on back and filed down the rough edge and they're ready for my scarves!
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  1. Thrifting is the greatest! I love the blazers you found!

    xx Missy

  2. I am just in awe of your thrifting skills. Can't wait to see that navy and white top and the pink coat in action!

    There's an award for you on my blog I hope you'll accept. Your blog is an amazing inspiration.

  3. Great finds! Can't decide which I like best...all the colors will look fabulous on you. The earrings are 80's vintage I would guess and you put them to good use. Very clever!

  4. Love that navy and white top...and that jacket!! I see you went to one of my favorite thrift stores! thanks for linking up! LOVE seeing all of your stuff! See you at tomorrows meeting!



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