Monday, January 16, 2012

Today's Outfit - Dressing Warm in Blue

We got a little snow here which is not a usual thing.  The roads cleared off nicely though.  Just trying to keep warm.
I normally don't work on Mondays, but had to go in today for a few hours.  Saw something funny on my way.  At the side of the road someone had made a snowman....or I should say snowlady.  She was very curvy at the waist and hips and had large snow bosoms. haha
 Thrifted Items:  Blue pants $6.99 Express, sweater, turtleneck, black booties $6.99 Franco Sarto.


  1. The funniest snow creature I ever saw was a dog. Unfortunately someone thought it clever to run over him.
    Very pretty outfit. It does look warm and cozy.

  2. Someone had a good imagination...creating his ideal woman?

    Your outfit does look very cozy. Is the sweater a grey tweed?

    1. Its not tweed. My camera has such poor clarity and I do not have any idea how to make them better. They are worse when I use the 10 second timer, which is what I usually have to do.
      The sweater is....just a warm, soft, fuzzy sweater material. 88% acrylic and 12% polyester. It has flecks of blue (which is the dominant color) and greyish white, orangy red, mustard yellow and purple. But the colors, other than blue, don't stand out too well unless you're looking up close. I tried different color tops underneath trying to bring out the other colors, but they didn't seem to work.


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