Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today's Outfit - Wrap it up With a BIG Bow

 Okay, so here's what happened...
I got bleach stains on this brown sweater by leaning over the washer where I'd evidently spilled bleach and didn't know it.  I really liked this sweater and had only had a chance to wear it a couple of times.  But...being that I only paid about $4 for it, I didn't want to pay more money to buy dye (plus I've never tried dying before and wanted to avoid any other potential disasters that I might incur with that process) so here's what I did.  I had this shirt I thrifted for 99 cents.  I bought it because I liked the sheer fabric, the sleeves, lace at the neck, and the colors, but it had flaps that went down to my knees and I didn't like the length.  So I cut off the flaps and used the excess fabric to make a bow (my first attempt at bow making).  However, I had to make a gigantic bow in order to cover the stain.  I think I'll end up throwing away the sweater.  But I'm thinking I may keep the bow (as big and ridiculous as it is) and see how it would work out attached to a belt or something.  This top has strings on it that tie in the back.  I may try attaching the bow to the strings and tie it in front instead.  For now, it will be an at home outfit only.  These pants are old and wrinkled because they've been thrown in the closet and rarely worn.  These are another wear at home only item.
Do you have pieces of clothing you don't part with, but don't wear in public?

Thrifted Items:  Pant, top, turtleneck, sweater, slip on loafers.
Lipstick = Wet n Wild 504 and Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss Nutri Berry 130


  1. That sweater is so cute and could be very versatile. What a shame to lose it. Don't you just hate bleach mistakes? The print on the blouse is very pretty. Oh, I have lots of don't go out of the house clothes! Most of the wardrobe I had when I was a warehouse coordinator are in that category.

  2. Is it one big bleach stain? Or a couple of spots sort of scattered around? Because I wonder if you could try a couple of smaller bows 'artistically scattered' across the front and up the shoulder? Maybe you'd like that effect better than the one big bow? Embellished, decorated sweaters and tops are extremely popular right now- I see them everywhere- it would be a shame to give up on this one just yet.

  3. @Margaret Hmmm....the idea about smaller bows is a good one. I hadn't thought about that. I'll have to re-evaluate the stain and see if I have the energy to take the bow apart and redo as smaller ones. It is a pretty large section of randomly spaced spots...but it might be worth a try. If it works I'll post a new pic and give you a full credit as creative consultant. :) Thanks for the suggestion.

    @Donna My best friend from Illinois is all the time asking me "How come you're always so dressed up nowadays??" Because before I moved I always wore scrubs every day to work and then pretty much as soon as I got home I was in the shower and into my jammies. When I did venture out it was in nothing "cute", believe me.haha So I'm kind of having fun with fashion these days...especially since I've discovered thrifting!


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