Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today's Outfit - New Thrifted Nine West Purse

I had been on the lookout for the past weeks, if not months, for a brown purse.  I really did not like the one that I had, even though I purchased it not that long ago.  The construction of it was so stiff that it was difficult to get anything in or out of it.  I was waiting until just the right thing caught my eye.  This (above) was it!  I love it.  I paid a little more than I usually do for thrifted purses, but it was so worth it.  Now I get to re-donate my other one for a discount off my next shopping purchase.  Yay!

Thrifted Items:  Brown Nine West Purse $13, skirt, top, shoes, necklaces.
Earrings = Dress Barn for about $5.70.

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