Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Thrifted Floral Dinnerware

Headed to the thrift store today with summer dining in mind.  I already had these floral prints stored away that I'd never used so up those went.  I found 2 sets of floral patterned dishes, 2 floral tablecloths, and a set of rose colored goblets.  This is pretty "busy", but I may switch out and use the tablecloths with a solid green set of dishes I already have and then use the floral dinnerware with a solid white lace cloth.  But it was fun to get into summertime gear.  We're getting a late start of it here in the Pacific Northwest.

Below is 2nd set of dishes and 2nd tablecloth.

Thrifted Items:  1st set of dishes (80 cents per piece), 1st tablecloth ($2), rose goblets ($2.25 each), 2nd set of dishes (80 cents each), 2nd tablecloth ($5.25), 2 floral wall prints ( I think were $5 each).

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